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How to Draw Superman

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Superman sketch

Superman is a fictional superhero that you can find in comic books, cartoons and even movies. He was first introduced by Detective Comics, Inc. in 1933, but he was sold to DC Comics in 1938. Since then his popularity has increased, and he’s now known as a cultural icon. Superman is a unique hero because he can fly and he’s amazingly strong. He works to fight off evil and help protect the world. Otherwise known as the man of steel, Superman has a strong and muscular build. Through his blue suit you can see the outline of his muscles throughout his body.

Superman also has a large “S” shield that’s in yellow and red right on the front of his suit, which is a well-known symbol today. He also wears a red cape, red shorts over his suit and a yellow belt around his waist. He is known as a handsome superhero, and has beautiful brown hair that seems to always keep in place. If you like this character, then you can probably find merchandise with his image all over the place. But, if you want to learn how to draw Superman, then check out the directions for drawing him that are below!

Possible Difficulties

This drawing lesson is a bit more difficult than the others that are on our website. Superman is a character that requires a lot of patience because he needs curved lines as well as details that take time to draw. His body also requires a lot of muscle definition, which means you have to use the appropriate shapes of lines. Some difficulties you might face in particular include:

  • Hair: Just like in the “how to draw a kitten” lesson, use the pressure of your pencil to make some hair lines lighter than others. Use curved lines as well.
  • Muscles: Add small shadows using a sharp pencil to make the muscles look realistic.


  1. Sketch the contour of Superman, which is straight lines.
  2. Draw the head by adding shape to the hair, ears, mouth and nose.
  3. Draw hair in using a sharp pencil. Use pressure to make lines darker and lighter. Draw in the eye.
  4. Draw the left hand and add small shadows near the muscle lines.
  5. Draw the right arm.
  6. Sketch neck muscles with a sharp pencil. Draw bottom part of the body.
  7. Draw two legs.
  8. Draw Superman sign on the chest. Sketch a cape behind Superman.
  9. Color in the picture and add shading where necessary.

drawing contour

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