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How to Draw Yoshi

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yoshi sketch - step by step

Are you familiar with Yoshi? If you were a child who was into Nintendo in the 90s, then chances are you know just who this character is! Yoshi is a dinosaur character that debuted in the 1990′s with the introduction of Super Mario World, which was a part of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. He was actually the sidekick to Luigi and Mario, who are two popular characters that are also part of the Nintendo franchise. He quickly became one of the most popular characters of the game and ended up being a favorite among players.

The character of Yoshi is green and he has a big nose with orange spikes down his back. He has a lot of different abilities in the games he’s in, like jumping long distances and extending his tongue out so he can reach food. There are also different colors of Yosh featured in Nintendo games, which include: purple, pink, yellow, blue, red, white and many more. Yoshi started off as a simple dinosaur design when he first was first made part of video games, but he’s been updated since. After being part of many spin-off games, his design was tweaked so he looked more eye-catching and unique.

If you want to learn how to draw Yoshi, then the guide below can help you out. It starts with a list of different difficulties you may face while drawing and then goes on with the steps to actually drawing the character. These will help you create Yoshi quickly and easily so you can enjoy creating a character that is so fun to look at.

Possible Difficulties

There aren’t many difficulties you will face while drawing Yoshi, but it is important to pay attention to details. This will ensure that your character turns out looking as realistic as possible.

  • Hands: In step 5 you will need to erase parts of Yoshi’s shell so you can draw the left hand over it.
  • Shoes: Pay close attention to steps 6-8 because there are a lot of details you’ll have to draw on the shoes.


  1. Sketch two circles.
  2. Draw the nostrils inside the big circle and then sketch the eyes.
  3. Sketch the body and the shell.
  4. Draw the right hand.
  5. Erase part of the shell to draw the left hand over it.
  6. Draw the legs and shoes while paying attention to detail.
  7. Color in the shell, eyes and shoes.
  8. Add shades and depth.


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