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How to Draw Wreck-It Ralph

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wreck-it Ralph

Ralph, otherwise known as Wreck-It Ralph, is a character that rose to popularity after the movie “Wreck-It Ralph” came out. In the film he hops from one arcade game to another, trying to outshine his competitor, Fix-It Felix. Throughout the movie he meets a lot of different characters and realizes his true potential. This was an animated movie that kids loved, but adults loved it to! Ralph was a likeable character that had a good heart and a unique appearance. He is much larger than other characters and appears as a giant. He wears an orange shirt with overalls and has huge hands with messy brown hair.

If you’re a fan of this character and want to know hot to draw Wreck-It Ralph, then the instructions below can help you out! They are simple and easy to understand so that you can create the drawing without facing too many problems. If you are not an experienced drawer, then make sure to take your time with this character. He can be difficult to create, but with practice it will get easier.

Possible Difficulties

There are only 7 steps in this lesson, but Ralph is actually pretty difficult to draw. If you want to get some practice, then we recommend looking at “How to Draw a Kitten” or “How to Draw Yoshi” first! By practicing with these you can get your technique down so that Ralph won’t be as difficult. Make sure to pay close attention to these details when you do draw, as this will ensure he turns out looking like himself. Problems you may encounter include:

  • Hair: Add hair to the forehead and then draw hair all over the head. Vary the pencil pressure to create texture, and make sure some lines are bolder than others.
  • Clothing: Use an unsharpened pencil to color in the clothing (step 6). If you don’t have one, then tilt the pencil to make lines bolder.


  1. Sketch the contour of Ralph’s body, including head and legs.
  2. Draw three circles in the middle of the head for contour. Then, add eyebrows and a mouth. Sketch the ears and hair.
  3. Add details to the head. Draw in pupils and teeth, then circle the contour of the ears. Add hair as shown on the sample.
  4. Continue your drawing by adding two hands and a torn shirt.
  5. Draw suspenders and add details on the collar. Add the three buttons.
  6. Add details on the clothing using a bold unsharpened pencil. Draw squares on the shirt and then color in the hair using a sharp pencil.
  7. Add shadows to the character.

contour step

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