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How to Draw Steve From Minecraft

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steve from minecraft sketch

Steve is a character from the game Minecraft. He is controlled by the person who is playing the game, and is also the default player. Players can change the skin with him on it, but a lot of people tend to keep him the way that he comes. Steve has dark brown hair with blue eyes and brown skin. He also wears a blue shirt with dark blue jeans. His shoes are gray and he has a beard on his face, but it only had a stubble appearance. The personality of Steve really depends on the person who is controlling him. He can be anything from really nice to really mean; it’s up to the controller. You can also use Steve to talk, but you have to type in the words that he says.

If you play Xbox 360 you’ll find that there are 8 different defaults of Steve. There are also different skins you can use on these, so the look will vary from other game editions. Some Steves may not look like anything you’ve ever seen before, but they are still him and can be controlled! Anyway, if you want to learn how to draw Steve from minecraft, this lesson is what you need.

Possible Difficulties

If you just look at Steve (or any of the other characters from Minecraft), you’ll find that he’s pretty easy to draw. These characters are basically made from squares, so they don’t require any crazy shapes or techniques. Drawing basic squares like these is really easy, so you shouldn’t run into any huge problems! One thing that you should look out for is that you will need to use different shades of gray. These are required to add some distinction between the different parts of Steve, so don’t skip them over. You can easily do this by varying the pressure you put on the pencil, which will make some colors lighter or darker. As long as you do that, you should be ready to get started with the easy steps below!


1. The first step is easy because you don’t need contouring! Just start by drawing two hands as you see on the sample.
2. Next, draw on the legs. After that, draw a few lines in the bottom of the legs to define the boots of the character.
3. From here, draw a square head above the body.
4. After that, define the details of the clothing, like the trousers and the t-shirt.
5. Now, draw Steve’s face including his nose, eyes, mouth and hair.
6. Last, color in the character using different shades of gray throughout the character. Now you’re done!

step-by-step drawing

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