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How to Draw a Minecraft Creeper

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minecraft creeper sketch

In the game of Minecraft, the creepers are mobs that are hostile towards game players. What they do is approach you and then cause damage to you as well as the things that are around you. During the night they go into other locations and levels of the game so that they are difficult to avoid. They can go out in the sunlight and are very difficult to get rid off. Creepers are generally more dangerous than other things because they come in mobs and are extremely quiet. They will sneak up on you and before you know it they could cause a lot of irreparable damage.

Most players get aggravated with creepers because they sneak around so well, and can cause so much damage that ruins the progress of the level you were on. Creepers have four legs and green bodies, but they can also camouflage as grass. They also have empty eyes with just sockets and a sad expression with their mouth. They are tall and rectangular, but that actually helps them hide in the Minecraft game. If you want to learn how to draw a minecraft creeper  for yourself, then check out the simple steps that are listed below.

Possible Difficulties

The characters on Minecraft all have square forms, from the basic character Steve to these creepers! This is great if you’re a beginner drawer, or if you just want something easy to create. Even kids should be able to draw this character and all the others from Minecraft with ease. This character has the same difficulty level as Steve from Minecraft, and the lesson is straightforward while being easy. This may actually be the easiest lesson on the website, so it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes! The steps below will help you create your own creeper so you can make it yourself.


  1. First you will skip over drawing the contour and focus on the square body of the creeper.
  2. Now, add legs to the creature and make sure you draw parallel lines that are as even as possible.
  3. Next, draw the square head and then add two eyes and mouth to the face of the creeper.
  4. This step is simple. All you have to do is draw a few lines to the legs of the creature to define feet.
  5. Finish this lesson by adding strokes to the creature. Also color the eyes and the mouth and you’ll be done!

the first step

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