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How to Draw Bowser

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bowser sketch - step-by-step

Bower is a popular character from the “Mario” video games made by Nintendo. He acts as the villain and wants to defeat Mario so that he can marry Princess Peach. This results in him kidnapping Peach several times, and that requires Mario to save her. He’s known as the “King of Koopas”, which are turtle-like characters that he controls. He is a turtle himself, but he is much larger than the other characters and has sharp spikes all over his back. He also has sharp claws and a spiked band located on his right arm. In addition to this, he has horns at the top of his head that are surrounded by bright red hair.

Although Bowser is the antagonist in the “Mario” games, he is one of the most popular characters. He’s featured on merchandise as well as almost every single game that was created. In some games Bowser even works with the rest of the characters, so he’s not always the villain that they face. If you’re interested in learning how to draw Bowser, then there are simple steps listed below to help you!

Possible Difficulties

Drawing Bowser is not as difficult as it may seem at first. It’s just important that you pay attention to the small details and include them while you are drawing. The details that you need to make sure you include are: shell, nails, eyebrows, spikes and any other small features. If you put these in then you will find that your Bowser looks accurate and just like he does in the video games! Here are some tips when facing the difficulties:

  • Shell: Bowser’s shell looks like a turtle shell and has segments on it that separate each other.
  • Spikes and Horns: To make spikes look better, color one side of each in a light shade of gray and the other in a darker shade. If you are familiar with shading, then this should be pretty easy for you.
  • Hair and Eyebrows: Use curved lines to contour these on Bowser.


  1. Sketch the contour of the shell and head.
  2. Continue with sketching the contour of the legs and hands.
  3. Draw eyebrows, nose and upper part of Bowser’s mouth. Sketch the contour of his horns.
  4. Draw bottom part of mouth; color in the eyes and draw hair using curved lines.
  5. Draw the shell with spikes as shown.
  6. Draw the right hand. Use shading on spikes on bracelet.
  7. Draw left hand.
  8. Draw the tail and legs.
  9. Finish by adding shades to Bowser.

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