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How to Draw an Angel

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angel sketch

Angels are known as being supernatural spirits that watch over people to make sure they are safe. Different religions and cultures have different meanings for their specific angels, but most consider them good. These spirits cannot be seen by people, but their actions of good prove to people that they are being watched over by something not of this world. They live up in the heavens and have large wings on their backs. In addition to this, they often have halos and are draped in bright white clothing that gives them a heavenly appearance.

If you’re a believer in angels and love the idea of them, then you might want to learn how to draw an angel. The steps that are listed below are easy to read and simple to understand, but they do take a lot of concentration. Even if you don’t have a lot of practice with drawing, you can certainly create an angel with a little bit of time, effort and practice. If this lesson still looks a little bit difficult for you, then consider practicing with our other lessons before you start. These can teach you a lot about different techniques so that you are more prepared for the angel drawing.

Possible Difficulties

If you are good at drawing small details, then this lesson will be relatively easy for you. If you are not familiar with details, then this can prove as a bit more of a challenge. Fortunately with a lot of time and concentration, you can define the details and create those that make the angel look more realistic. It should take you around 20 minutes to complete it, including drawing the feathers, folds on clothing, eyes and other smaller details. Some things to pay close attention to include:

  • Clothing folds: If you have drawn other characters, including those from Dragon Ball, then it should be familiar to draw clothing folds. Visit that lesson if you want to practice clothing folds ahead of time.
  • Feathers: If you don’t have experience with these, then check out our owl drawing lesson and practice with that!


  1. Sketch the contour of the angel using stretch lines.
  2. Add details to the head. Draw the eyes, nose and mouth.
  3. Draw the angel’s clothing. Draw in the folds at the bottom. Draw legs.
  4. Draw two arms from the contour.
  5. Draw the angel’s hair.
  6. Sketch the contour of the wings.
  7. Add feathers to the wings (reference sample image).
  8. Finish by adding shading.

step 1

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