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How to Draw a Squirrel

Squirrels are small, easily recognizable and common animals found throughout the country and world. While there are many different types of these, most people think of those that are brown and bushy-tailed when they think about them. Not only will ...

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How to Draw an Elephant

Elephants are massive animals that are generally found in Southeast Asia, Africa and other desert areas. On average they weigh 15,000 pounds and reach up to 13 feet high. One of their most distinctive features is their ears, which are ...

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How to Draw a Pig

Pigs are some of the most well-known animals in the entire world. They are identified first by the “oink” sound they make and then for their pink skin and curly tails. They also have fat stomachs and four legs that ...

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How to Draw a Monkey

Monkeys are well-known animals that are recognized by their intelligence, ability to hang and love for bananas. They generally have four feet, a tail and a smaller size body that makes it easy for them to get around. Although they ...

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