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How to Draw Turbo

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turbo sketch

Turbo is an animated garden snail who starts out as a regular guy, but he dreams of being something more. His ultimate goal is to be the best racer in the entire world, just like Guy Gagne, who is his racing champion hero. Although Turbo has big dreams, he lives a small life and is actually quite slow as well as cautious. Throughout the movie Turbo turns into a racer and ends up changing his life on the race track.

This adorable snail has an orange body with a multi-colored shell on his back. He’s also got a smile on his face along with big, wide eyes. He quickly became a beloved character that fans (adults and children) loved because of his heart and cute appearance. If you’re interested in drawing this character, then there are simple steps below that you can follow. These should help you learn how to draw Turbo of your very own that you can enjoy!

Possible Difficulties

Drawing this character is actually pretty easy, making him a perfect choice for beginner artists. Just make sure to pay close attention to the shell, as this may be a source of difficulty for you. This is the area that you have to add the most detail, so you might run into problems. Just keep an eye on the following details and you should be able to draw without any problems:

  • Air Intakes: On the shell there are two air intakes; one on the top and the other on the side. When drawing them, color them in!
  • Rear Spoiler: The left and right sides of the spoiler need close attention. The left side is behind the shell and hidden, but there is a small part that appears over the air intake.
  • Eyes: Draw the pupils in the left side of the eyes because Turbo is looking behind him in the drawing.


  1. Sketch 4 circles, as you see on the sample image.
  2. Connect the circles together to get a contour of the body and shell.
  3. Add some details to the shell. Add air intakes on the top, then sketch a few rear spoiler lines.
  4. Continue adding details to Turbo’s shell. Draw the rear spoiler as seen in the sample and draw a few lines on the middle of the shell.
  5. Add one additional air intake on the side of the shell. Color in some parts of the air intakes.
  6. Continue adding details. Draw number 5 on the rear spoiler and shell. Add a star pattern on the rear spoiler and then draw in eyes and the mouth.
  7. Finish by adding in some shading to Turbo.

the first step

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