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How to Draw Mike Wazowski

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mike wazowski sketch

Mike Wazowski is the popular character from the movie “Monsters Inc.” and the more recent movie “Monsters University”. You can recognize this monster by his short green body, his large eye and his cute little ears. Instead of having a separate head and body, he just has one circle that makes up both. His arms extend out from the sides of his circular body and his legs extend out at the bottom. There are claws on the ends of his arms and legs, but they are short instead of long. He also has white pointy teeth, but they don’t make him look threatening unless he’s trying to look scary (he is a monster after all!).

Mike was definitely a popular character from the franchise, as there has been a lot of merchandise made with his image. From t-shirts to lunch boxes, you can see him on a lot of different products. He’s also been featured on television specials and magazine covers, so his image is very recognizable. If you’re a fan, then you might want to consider learning how to draw Mike Wazowski! His character is pretty easy to create, and as long as you take your time while paying attention to details, you will be able to create him with ease.

Possible Difficulties

Drawing Mike Wazowski is extremely easy, and actually shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes. The figure is very basic, and is actually just a circle with two sticks! While the process of drawing this character is pretty simple, you should pay close attention while you’re drawing. This will ensure he turns out looking cute and just like he does in the movies. Some things you should pay attention to include:

  • Pupil: On step 6 you will see small lines near the pupil (you may need to zoom in). Use a thin and sharp pencil to draw these in.
  • Eye: Make the left and right corners of his eyes sharp instead of circular.


1. Draw the contour of Mike Wazowski. He should look like an egg with sticks right now.
2. Draw one big eye, a pupil and the eyebrow. Then, sketch two horns at the top of the head.
3. Draw his mouth and left hand. Do not color the mouth yet.
4. Draw the right hand holding a book, just like in the image.
5. Add two legs. Each leg has three fingers with small claws.
6. Color in the mouth and horns. Then color in the book to add more detail.

drawing contour


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