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How to Draw Mickey Mouse

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mickey mouse sketch

Mickey Mouse is one is a cartoon mouse that was created back in 1928 by Walt Disney. he is the mascot for The Walt Disney Company and is one of the most recognizable characters in the entire world. Adults and children alike recognize him because he is basically the face of Disney. This mouse is 2’3″ tall and weighs less than 25 pounds! He’s easily identified by his big round ears, red pants, big yellow shoes and white gloves. He also has an animated face that generally has a big smile on it!

Mickey Mouse is black in color, but his face is tan and his hands and feet always have gloves and shoes on them. Mickey is generally seen with Minnie Mouse, who wears red polka dots and is easily identified as well! You can see Mickey at Disney world, but also in movies, on cartoons, in video games and all over different pieces of merchandise. He is a very popular mouse and is commonly drawn by beginner artists as well as experts. If you want to learn how to draw Mickey Mouse yourself, then check out the simple steps listed below!

Possible Difficulties

Drawing Mickey Mouse is actually a lot of fun and pretty easy to draw as well. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience you should be able to draw this character because it doesn’t require any shading. There are five steps below that should take you a total of seven minutes, but feel free to take longer if you need to. Some things you should pay close attention to include:

  • Head: On step 2 you will need to erase the old contour lines that are near the ears of Mickey. This will allow you to connect the ears to the head so the character looks more realistic.
  • Hands: On step 3 you will need to erase a part of the contour of the draws to draw the left hand over it.


  1. Start by drawing the contour of Mickey Mouse, which should involve six circles.
  2. Next, define the head of Mickey. Do this by erasing old contour lines and connecting the head and the ears together. After that, draw the face and add some detail.
  3. After this, continue with the picture by drawing the body and the hands. The hands should spread to both sides. Make sure you pay attention to the two buttons that are on the trousers of Mickey.
  4. The next step is to draw two legs with shoes. After that, add on the tail.
  5. To finish, color in some parts of Mickey’s body with color as you like. Once you are satisfied with the drawing you will be done!

first step

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