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How to Draw Alex the Lion

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alex the lion from madagascar sketch

Alex the lion is an African lion who was one of the stars from the “Madagascar” movies. He was born in a Wildlife Reserve in Africa, but ended up living in a zoo. During his time there he became a huge attraction and named himself the “king” of it! During the movie he wanted to leave the zoo so that he could go live in the wild, and he joined with his friends to escape to live somewhere else. There were many different “Madagascar” movies, and Alex was featured in all of them.

Alex is easily identified because he has the appearance of a lion, but has an animated and lively face. He has a large body, a furry mane and a big smile on his face. He’s bigger than most of the other animals in the movies, but doesn’t look scary and is actually more friendly looking. You can find his image on a lot of products today, from t-shirts to toys. But, if you are looking to get creative, then you might want to learn how to draw Alex the lion from Madagascar! This lesson will teach you all you need to know about drawing this character yourself!

Possible Difficulties

Drawing Alex is not very difficult, but there are areas that you might have trouble with. This is generally a lesson that is best left for intermediate drawers, as beginners could face a little bit of trouble. If you want to practice before you start, then check out our “how to draw a kitten” drawing lesson. Also look at these things while you are drawing:

  • Head: The head will consist of the face and mane of the lion. You will start with the contour of the mane and then move on to adding the face. Make sure you color the eyes, nose and ears to make him look more realistic and lively!
  • Paws: The paws of Alex are square, but they require a lot of details. Make sure to add in the palms on the left hand. Zoom in on the sample to see more details.


  1. Start the drawing by creating the head and body with straight lines.
  2. After that, fix the shape of the head to make it look more like a mane. Then, draw on the nose, ears and teeth like you see in the sample.
  3. In this step you will add more details to the face, including the eyebrows, pupils and mustache. Then, color in some parts of the lion like you see on the sample picture.
  4. From here, fix the contour of the body and draw two hands on the lion.
  5. Now continue on by drawing the left hand and adding on details to the paw.
  6. This step requires concentration when drawing the right paw. It’s rotated, so it will not need a palm.
  7. Now you will finish your drawing by adding two legs to Alex. When these are done, draw on the tail and make sure you add fur by drawing curvy lines. After that you are done!

the first step

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