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How to Draw Vegeta

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vegeta sketch | step-by-stepVegeta is the recognizable character from the “Dragon Ball” manga series. He is the prince of the Saiyan race and he is also the enemy of Goku. King Vegeta is his father and Bulma becomes his wife throughout the series. They have children Bulla and trunks and eventually he becomes the great-great grandfather of Vegeta Jr. He plays a huge role after he is introduced and is one of the most disliked characters. Vegeta is prideful, egotistical and a warrior at heart. After he chooses to live on earth his main mission is to defeat Goku to become more powerful.

His character is shorter than Goku, standing four inches shorter than him at 5’5″ tall, but that doesn’t mean he’s shy or scared. Vegeta is very strong-minded and is full of pride about his strength and accomplishments. He has spiked black hair that stands at the top of his head and he has a very muscular body with definition showing all over. Sometimes he wears suits of armor but generally he is in Saiyan armor. He also used to have a tail, but it was cut off during the series. If you enjoy this character and want to learn how to draw Vegeta, then keep reading the simple steps listed below!

Potential Difficulties

Vegeta is an easier character to drawn than Gohan or Goku because you don’t need to draw the body, shoes and as many clothing folds. However, you will need to learn how to draw the bits of torn clothing there are, and this may take a little bit of time. Fortunately this character can be created with just a little bit of concentration and practice! Here are some difficulties you may face while drawing:

  • Clothing: When drawing the edges of the torn clothing, use the same method as you did when drawing folds for Gohan and Goku’s lessons. draw two parallel lines with one being bold and the other being thinner.
  • Shading: You can skip the shading part of the lesson and simply color in Vegeta’s hair and top clothing; it will still turn out looking great.


  1. Draw a basic shape that will be transformed to the hair and head.
  2. Add shape to the head and hair. Draw in the contour of his ears.
  3. Draw in the eyes.
  4. Add details to the ears, draw the nose and draw the mouse. Add a few lines to the forehead.
  5. Draw the contour of the body.
  6. Draw torn clothing using method listed above.
  7. Draw muscles using sharp pencil.
  8. Add a few folds to the clothing.
  9. Add shading and depth, if you want. If not, just color in the hair and clothing.

step one

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