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How to Draw Son Gohan

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son gohan sketch

Son Gohan, otherwise known as Gohan, is the first son of Goku and Chi-Chi from the anime series Dragon Ball. He’s named after the adoptive grandfather of Goku, so his name has a special meaning. He’s not a fighter like his father is, but does defend his family when he needs to. He’s regularly featured on “Dragon Ball Z”, but not until later in the series after Goku gets married. He also continues through the series until it ends, so his story comes full circle.

The appearance of this character changes over the course of his time on the show. He starts out as a child, but then he grows into a man with a muscular figure. If you love this character and want to learn how to draw Gohan, then the steps below will help you out quite a bit! These are designed to make it simple and easy to draw him, although you may run into some difficulties along the way. While drawers of all skill levels can create this character, it may take beginners a few tries to get him just right.

Possible Difficulties

If you’ve completed our “how to draw Goku” tutorial, then Gohan should be pretty easy for you. The techniques in both of these articles are very similar, especially since they include shoes, belts, clothing folds, hair muscles and other small details. If you haven’t done the Goku tutorial, then I recommend you start with that. It’s a little bit easier and will prepare you for what is to come with this character. Here are some difficulties you may face:

  • Hair: Gohan’s hair is light, so you will need to add shadows to the parts shown on step 11.
  • Shadows: Add shading and more details to your drawing if you want it to look better.
  • Folds: Draw parallel lines to create clothing folds. Then make one bold and the second lighter with a sharp pencil.


  1. Draw the basic form of Gohan’s head and upper body.
  2. Continue drawing the contour of his legs.
  3. Add shape to the head and sketch the ears.
  4. Add a few details to the ears; sketch the face as shown on the image.
  5. Draw the hair. Pay attention to locks that are in front of others.
  6. Add folds to the top clothing using a sharp pencil.
  7. Draw chest muscles and a right hand.
  8. Draw the left arm and add folds to the belt.
  9. Add folds to the bottom of the clothing and sketch the contour of shoes.
  10. Add details to shoes.
  11. Color in the eyes, some parts of the top clothing, belt and shoes; add shadows.

first step

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