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How to Draw Pikachu

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pikachu sketch - step by step

Pokemon, created by Satoshi Tajiri, was once one of the most popular pieces of anime in the world. It sparked a worldwide interest in anime and became a popular franchise in the United States. While it might not be as popular today as it once was, it’s still an iconic piece of Japanese culture. Pikachu is one of the most recognized characters from Pokemon that many people still recognize today. Pikachu is adorable, recognizable and is actually something you can draw!

If you want to learn how to draw Pikachu, then read the steps that are listed below. Fortunately this character is extremely easy to draw, so the entire process shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes. But, if you have time and want to add more depth or detail to the drawing, then you can continue on to step 5. If not, then you can stick with a simple drawing and stop at step 4. The lesson below is simple, easy to follow and should make it easier than ever to draw Pikachu. Just make sure you pay attention to the details, especially when it comes to certain areas that cause many people problems.

Common Problem Areas

  • Mouth: There are two parts you have to draw on the mouth. The upper part is one shade and the bottom part is two shades. To make it easier you can just color it one shade.
  • Color: Pikachu is yellow, but I don’t normally use colored pencils in my drawing lessons, so you won’t see it here. Add in color when you’re done if you want an authentic Pikachu.
  • When you are done with your drawing you can add in color or leave it as is. You may also find that you want to add in additional lines for more detail, it just depends on what you want the picture to look like.

Now that you know these tips you’re ready to get started drawing!


  1. Sketch the body and the ears of Pikachu.
  2. Draw the hands, feet and tail. 3. Draw the eyes and mouth on, making sure to add on the small details (cheeks and spots on back).
  3. Color the mouth, ears, eyes, tail and spots in gray just like you see on the image.
  4. You can stop here, but if you want a more detailed drawing, then continue. Add shadows around the contours of Pikachu where more depth or detail will make it look more realistic.
  5. Add shadows.

step 1

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