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How to Draw Dragonball Characters

If you’re familiar with Japanese manga, then you probably know about the anime series “Dragon Ball”. This was first created in 1984 and went on until 1995. It was about the adventures of Goku and his life battling villains while seeking out Dragon Balls. This comic series was first turned into the two animated series named “Dragon Ball” and “Dragon Ball Z”. It was also developed into eighteen different animated films and three specials that aired on television. There was also an anime sequel named “Dragon Ball GT”. In 2009 a new version of “Dragon Ball Z” was released and named “Dragon Ball Kai”.

Dragon Ball is one of the most profitable and successful manga and anime series in the entire world. Hundreds of millions of copies of the series have sold and there is all types of merchandise available for fans to purchase. The characters of “Dragon Ball” and all of the sequels are the true stars, and there are fans for each and every one of them. Below you’ll find more information about each of the main characters that appear throughout the series and learn how to draw Dragon Ball characters..

Son Goku

how to draw characters

Son Goku is the main character and protagonist of the entire series of “Dragon Ball”. He helps defend planet Earth from villains and is strong and competitive. He’s also got a pure heart and enjoys the company of Bulma, whom he meets at the beginning of the series. Together they go on a journey to gather seven orbs, which are known as Dragon Balls. Son Goku is a strong warrior as a result of receiving his training from Kame-Sennin, who is a strong warrior. He also gets training from the “Gods” to help defeat villains during the series. Goku looks human but it’s revealed that he is a Saiyan, which is an alien warrior race. He spends most of the series fighting villains and becoming stronger as a result. He also makes many friends along the way that help him in his travels.

Son Gohan


This is Goku’s first song who he has with Chi-Chi. At four years old he is kidnapped by Raditz, who is Goku’s brother. He puts him into a space pod and is only released after his hot temper bursts him out of it. After this he trains with Piccolo for a year and becomes much stronger than many of the other characters.



This character is a Saiyan and the prince of that alien race. He travels to Earth with Nappa to find the Dragon Ball orbs. During his time on Earth he battles Goku, but flees to the planet Namek after being injured. On this planet he meets Kuririn and Gohan, and after teaming up with them goes back to earth. Eventually he ends up fighting alongside Goku.



When this character is initially introduced to the series, he is shown as an outlaw that tries to steal Dragon Balls from Goku and Bulma. After this he creates a friendship with Goku and a relationship with Bulma. He is also trained by Kame-Sennin and learns how to create an energy sphere with psychokinesis. He dies later in the series when he goes into a battle against the Saiyans. He is wished back to life after he dies, and then helps during battles but doesn’t fight any longer.



This character is a best friend to Goku and a martial artist. He was initially a classmate with Goku under the training of Kame-Sennin, and was even Goku’s rival at first. After developing a friendship, he dies as a result of Tambourine. Later on Shenlong revives him and he travels to Namek, which is where he dies against to the hand of Freeza. Again he gets brought back to life as a result of Namekian Dragon balls, and he helps battle with Goku. He also has a daughter named Marron during the series.

Kame-Sennin aka Master Roshi

master roshi

Otherwise known as Master Roshi, this is the martial arts instructor that trains Grandpa Gohan, Juririn and Goku. He looks old and frail, but he is very strong and quick on his feet. He lives on a small island and has a turtle that is normally with him all the time.



This character is the son of Piccolo Daimo and wants to seek revenge on Goku. During the series he teams up with the Saiyans and even Goku’s son Gohan to try and defeat Goku. Later on he is revealed as a Namekian, which looks like an alien. He eventually dies after protecting Gohan during a fight with Saiyan Nappa. In the afterlife he trains, but is then brought back to life by the Namekian Dragon Balls.



Initially trunks is an unknown character who defeats his father and Father. Eventually he finds out that he is the future child of Vegeta and Bulma, and he traveled back in time to tell Goku about an incoming Android attack. He then helps fight against the Androids before going to his own time.



This is a tyrant that wants the Dragon Balls to obtain immortality. Because he feared the power that the Saiyans had, he destroyed their planet Vegeta and only four Saiyans survived. Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz were three of the four that he recruited to be his workers. He then travels to the planet Namek, which is where he kills off the entire race of Namekians. He then gets into a fight with Goku and his friends, which is when Freeza kills Kuririn. Goku then turns into a Super Saiyan and kills Freeza. Later on Freeza is turned into a cyborg, but is killed by Trunks.



Doctor Gero, who was a scientist in the Red Ribbon Army, created this character to get revenge on Goku. He’s made from the cells of Goku, Piccolo, Freeza and many other characters from the series. He can perform a number of special techniques and can also change his appearance. He holds a tournament named the Cell Games after he achieves perfect form, and then fights the strongest fighters of Earth during it. He eventually fights and then defeats Goku, and is then killed by Super Saiyan 2 Gohan.

If you want to learn how to draw Dragon Ball characters listed above, simply click on their name to view step-by-step drawing lessons.

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