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How to Draw a Zebra

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zebra sketch step by step

Zebras are some of the most recognizable animals in the entire world. Their black and white stripes make them easy to spot and they are especially cute when they are babies. While these animals aren’t running wild all over and don’t make great house pets, they are easy to find if you go to your local zoo. Chances are they will have one or two that are able to live in a habitat much like they would in the wild. From their unique look to their sweet faces, these animals are some of the most beautiful to see up close. If you want to learn how to draw a zebra, then you can with some simple and easy steps that are listed below! With these you’ll be drawing beautiful zebras in no time.

Possible Difficulties

Zebras are some of the more difficult animals to draw, so it’s not that easy for most. Fortunately there are simple steps listed below that walk you through the zebra drawing process and make it easier to create the drawing. The most difficulties will be faced at step 6, which is when you will start to create the stripes. Just make sure you pay attention to detail and you will be on the right path. Remember, after you draw this a few times it will get a lot easier to fill in those small details. Some important details to consider:

  • Legs: The left leg in the front has small stripes that only cover half the leg. This is because the leg is turned and you can’t see the entire thing. The rest of the legs have normal stripes on them.
  • Face: Stripes on the face and legs are smaller than those that are on the rest of the body.
  • Stripes: To make drawing these easier, use an unsharpened pencil. Once you have these drawn in, use a sharp pencil to add contouring. Also remember that the stripes on the mane and back are connected to each other.


  1. Draw the contour of the head and the body.
  2. Sketch 4 legs as you see in the picture.
  3. Add details to the head of the zebra, then draw ears and a rough mane.
  4. Erase the old contour lines on the rear and front legs, then add details to the head. Draw in the eyes, nose, mouth and tail.
  5. Color in the hoofs and the mane.
  6. Sketch stripes on the head.
  7. to 9. Draw stripes on the rest of the body until finished. 10. Add shadows to your Zebra.

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