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How to Draw a Squirrel

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squirrel sketch

Squirrels are small, easily recognizable and common animals found throughout the country and world. While there are many different types of these, most people think of those that are brown and bushy-tailed when they think about them. Not only will you find squirrels at most public parks throughout the United States, you can also find them on streets, in backyards or even on movies and cartoons!

As for the appearance of a squirrel, it looks much like any other rodent, but it has a big and bushy tail on it’s back. It also is normally brown in appearance and has a small body. This animal is known for eating nuts and has big cheeks that can actually hold a considerable amount of food. If you like this animal, then you aren’t the only one! This drawing lesson will show you how to draw a squirrel with pencil.

Possible Difficulties

Drawing furry animals, like the squirrel, is not actually that difficult. As long as you know how to draw fur, then you shouldn’t run into any major problems. If you aren’t familiar with drawing fur, then refer back to our “how to draw a kitten” lesson. This uses the same technique you will use when drawing a squirrel, so it can be great practice. Also make sure you pay attention to these areas:

  • Eye: On step six you will need to color in the eye. You can do this by using three different shades. The shade on the upper part of the eye should be lighter, then the darker shade should go on the bottom part. As for the darkest shade, that should go on the pupil.
  • Fur: Circle the contour of the squirrel using curvy and short lines, and then you will be able to imitate the appearance of fur. Pay attention to each hair so it has a different angle and looks more natural.


  1. Start the lesson by sketching the contour of the squirrel using two ovals.
  2. Next, fix the shape of the top oval to make it look more like a squirrel head. After that, draw on two ears with a nose, mouth and eye.
  3. Continue drawing by fixing the second oval. Then, draw two hands and palms as you see on the sample image.
  4. Now draw the bottom leg of the squirrel, but don’t forget about the nails.
  5. For this step you will need to draw the tail using long and curvy lines. Put various pressure on the pencil to make the lines look more natural.
  6. Finish the lesson by drawing the fur and the color of the eye. Make sure you pay attention to the pupil!

drawing contour

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