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How to Draw a Comic-Style Snake

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snake sketch - step by step

The slithering snake is a lot of people’s favorite jungle reptile. Snakes come in many shapes and sizes and live in many different habitats; in fact, experts estimate that there are over 2,780 different species of snakes, living in almost every country in the world! Don’t worry, though; the vast majority of these reptiles are completely harmless.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to draw a snake in 6 easy steps. Rather than opt for a scary reptile, we have opted for a friendlier, comic-style snake, which will look cute alongside your collection of animal drawings from our other tutorials.

In showing you how to draw this snake, we have created six simple steps. The steps are designed to make it as easy as possible for children and beginners to create a professional drawing. By following our instructions, you should have your sketch completed in less than 7 minutes – including coloring!

Possible Difficulties

Unlike some of our more advanced tutorials, this cute snake does not require any shading experience, making it a perfect project to start with if you are new to drawing animals and reptiles.

There is no real difficulty in drawing this snake; however, you should pay special attention to the shape of the head, as there are a number of curved lines involved.

If you really want to get creative with your snake you can add any color or pattern you like; after all, you do have over 2,780 different species of snakes to choose from! If you’re not really confident with coloring just yet though, don’t worry about it – you can skip step number six and still have a great drawing to show off to your family and friends. Grab your pencil and let’s get started …

Overview Of The Steps

  1. Sketch the head – remember to focus on those curved lines!
  2. Drawing the body and tail.
  3. Draw on the tongue (you can make it a forked tongue if you wish) and add one more layer of the snake’s tail.
  4. Draw one more line on the the tale and color in the eyes.
  5. Add spots to the tale – you can add more or fewer spots if you want to.
  6. Color the picture – remember: this is completely your choice!

step 1

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