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How to Draw a Pig

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pig sketch

Pigs are some of the most well-known animals in the entire world. They are identified first by the “oink” sound they make and then for their pink skin and curly tails. They also have fat stomachs and four legs that are stubs on their bodies. While there are many different types of pigs throughout the world, the one that is seen in most cartoons and movies is the pink farm pig. This animal can be found in a lot of children’s movies and is generally a nice animal because pigs can be so sweet.

Known as a fairly intelligent animal, the snout of the pig is used to find food no matter where the animal is out. It’s right on top of the mouth that generally eats just about anything! If you love this cute little animal and want to learn how to draw a pig yourself, then check out the steps that are listed below. They are easy to read and will lead you on the path towards drawing a basic pig that is realistic and cute.

Possible Difficulties

This is one of the easiest lessons on our website because it doesn’t involve any difficult detailing or even shading! Anyone from small children to beginner drawers can create this cute little pig with the steps that we have listed below. It actually shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes maximum, and you can even color it with a pink crayon to make it more realistic. So, if you’re ready to draw, then get a pencil and keep a watch for these parts of the drawing:

  • Head: This part of the picture does require some detail, so it will take the most time. Zoom in on step 2 so you can see how to draw all parts of the head.
  • Coloring: We used a dull pencil to create bold color on the pig, and you can use this technique as well. If you don’t have one, then just tilt your pencil in order to make the lines bolder and darker.


  1. First draw a contour of the pig that consists of two basic circles.
  2. Continue on with your drawing by changing the shape of the first circle so that it looks more like a head. After that, draw two big ears, the eye, a mouth line and a nose with two nostrils.
  3. Next you will draw four legs with hoofs to the pig. Then, add a few lines near the neck and legs to make the pig look more lifelike.
  4. Last, draw in the tail of the pig and color in the hoofs. Also color in the eyes, ears and nose to finish it up. Once you’re done, the picture will be ready!

step-by-step tutorial

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