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How to Draw a Monkey

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monkey sketchMonkeys are well-known animals that are recognized by their intelligence, ability to hang and love for bananas. They generally have four feet, a tail and a smaller size body that makes it easy for them to get around. Although they do have those four legs, two of them are generally used as arms and help the monkey hang. These animals can generally walk upright with their two bottom legs or they can use all four to increase their range of motion. There are many different types of monkeys out there today, and they have even become drawn into popular cartoons.

If you want to stretch your imagination and drawing skills, then drawing a funky monkey is a great place to start. This is a drawing that is best suited for intermediate drawers, because it does have a lot of difficulties that may come up. The monkey in this drawing is unique because it does have the typical monkey body, but the face has a huge smile on it. The monkey looks lively and excited as he’s sitting down with his hands to his sides. It’s more animated than a real monkey would be, which is why it’s funny and cute! If you want, you can color it with colored pencils or just leave it drawn as is. So, if you want to learn how to draw a monkey, this drawing lesson is what you need.

Possible Difficulties

This is a difficult lesson because there are a lot of small details that need to be drawn on the monkey. These include the ears, nostrils, teeth, wrinkles and more. These details do matter, though, so take your time and the effort will be sure to be worth it. You might also want to practice drawing them ahead of time so you are more familiar with the right technique to use. Areas to pay close attention to include:

  • Mouth: Shade the mouth and don’t forget to include the teeth.
  • Feet: There are folds on feet that need to be drawn. To create these, sketch two parallel lines and make one bolder than the other.


  1. Sketch the monkey’s contour using sharp lines.
  2. Add details to the head. Define the ears and eyes.
  3. Add facial details, including pupils, nostrils, nose and eyebrows.
  4. Draw curved lines on the body to look like fur. Draw teeth and add lines to the nose area. Add ear detail.
  5. Draw hands and legs. Add nails and color with pencil.
  6. Add details, paying attention to the skin folds.
  7. Add shading or color with colored pencils.


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