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How to Draw a Lizard

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lizard sketch

Lizards are reptiles that can be found throughout most of the world, including all states in the United States. There are a wide variety of different types of these reptiles, which is why they can look so different. Most lizards have feet, external ears and scaly skin that is dry and rough. They can also detach their tails and have them grow back, which is very unique and far different from other reptiles. If you like lizards, then you can easily find them at pet stores or maybe even in your backyard! While there are a lot of different types of these, the regular tree lizard is one of the most well known.

The tree lizard can be found in a lot of different colors, including orange and blue. They have scaly skin with long tails, and wide legs on the front and back of them. Since lizards like these are so easy to find today, they have become pets inside of many households. If you like these, then why not learn how to draw a lizard? These can be pretty easy to create, especially if you enjoy adding detail to animals. While you do need to be a bit experienced to draw one of these, it can still be done with minimum expertise.

Possible Difficulties

Drawing a lizard can take a lot of time, especially when you add in details and shading. Fortunately, if you have patience, the extra details will be well worth adding. They will make the lizard look more realistic and professionally drawn as well! Some challenges you may face include:

  • Head: Draw the lines above and below the eye. These add more realistic detail to the lizard.
  • Mouth: Draw a small square pattern above and below the mouth. Use a sharp pencil to draw these, but don’t press too hard.
  • Dots and Circles: Draw this pattern on some parts of the body to make it look like a real lizard.


  1. Sketch the contour of the wooden perch and lizard’s body. Sketch an oval that is more narrow on the left side (head).
  2. Add two legs. Fix the neck and the head to make it thinner and wider, as it is in the picture.
  3. Add details by drawing the eyes, nostrils and mouth. Add lines on the legs and back for realism.
  4. Draw the pattern on the tail.
  5. Add small spikes on the back that start at the crest and end at the tail. Add dots to the head, neck, and crest.
  6. Shade the lizard.

drawing a contour

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