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How to Draw a Beautiful Kitten

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kitten sketch - step by step

Is there anything cuter than a kitten? The mere sight of one of these wide-eyed furry little bundles of fun is enough to make anyone’s heart melt. As well as being adorable to hold and play with, kittens also make a great drawing subject. In this lesson, we have decided to show you how to draw a kitten – one that will be impossible not to fall in love with!

The idea behind the tutorial is to make the kitten as easy as possible for both kids and beginner artists to draw. For non-artists the idea of drawing an animal can be quite daunting; however, by breaking the sketch down in to stages, wonderful results can be achieved with ease. In helping you draw the kitten, we have developed nine simple steps; follow along with these steps and you’ll have your very own cute feline in no time.

The Finer Details

Using the steps in our guide, you should have your finished kitten drawing ready to show off within 10 minutes and without any great difficulty. In perfecting the sketch though, there are one or two finer details that you may want to pay attention to:

  • The eyes – a kitten’s most adorable feature. Special attention should be paid to making the eyes oval in shape (round eyes give a surprised expression) with sharp corners. Take notice of how we have positioned the eyebrows too!
  • The fur – this is not essential in your drawing, but will certainly add an extra level of cuteness!
  • Nails – you can choose to leave these un-shaded as we have done, or colour them in grey to add a little something extra to your drawing.

The Steps

Okay, now that we know about the finer details of the sketch, we’re ready to start drawing.

  1. Start by sketching out the head and the body of the kitten.
  2. Add on the legs and the tail
  3. Draw the kitten’s eyes, nose, mouth, and ears as shown on the image (remember those oval shaped eyes!).
  4. Add details to the kitten’s feet. Draw on nails. Be aware of the difference between the nails on the front paws and the nails on the back paw.
  5. Define eyes and ears by adding more details as shown on the image.
  6. Draw on the pupils and eyebrows. Add a little bit of fur as shown on the image to create the shape of the kitten’s back.
  7. Circle the contour of your kitten with curve lines imitating fur.
  8. Colour the eyes and add a little bit depth to them (this will add to the cuteness!).
  9. Add more fur (if you wish).


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