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How to Draw a Cartoon Turkey

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turkey sketch - step by step

If you are looking for a cute bird to draw, look no further than a turkey. A turkey’s features make them not only funny to look at but excellent to sketch out on paper, with bold feathers, wide eyes and, of course, the unique waffle!

To help you own your very own festive gobbler, we’ve decided to creative a simple tutorial that is perfect for both children and beginners. As with all our other animal tutorials, we’re going to show you how to draw a turkey by breaking down the sketch into easy to manage stages. In just seven steps (six if you don’t want to shade in your sketch), you will have a cute-looking bird to add to your collection of animal drawings.

Possible Difficulties

In developing this tutorial, we have made it as easy as possible for beginners and children to complete the task without any serious drawing skill. The only real difficulty you will face in sketching your turkey is adding on the feathers (steps 3-6). Notice the shape of the feathers on the rear of the turkey, the wing, and on the head, and pay special attention to the shape. Feathers are one of the turkey’s most definitive features, so getting them right will really add to your drawing.

If you wish to attempt shading to add more depth (it will not take anything away from your drawing if you don’t), notice where and how we have lightly shaded the beak, wattle, and head of the bird.

Overview of The Steps

Okay, so now we’re aware of the possible difficulties, it’s time to get your pencil ready and start drawing. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Start by Drawing two ovals and neck of your turkey.
  2. In the first oval, draw the beak and the eyes.
  3. Draw feathers near the eyes and add a wattle below the beak.
  4. Sketch the body of your turkey and feathers.
  5. Draw the legs and paws (each with four claws).
  6. Colour in the wattle and legs of the turkey and add focus on adding more details to the feathers.
  7. Add shading and more depth to your drawing. Remember this step is not essential. If you do not feel confident enough adding shadows, simply skip this step.

step 1

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