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How to Draw a Bat

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bat sketch

Bats are easily recognizable mammals that have large wings at their sides and small bodies with larger ears. There are different types of bats out there, but the most common is the mouse-eared bat. Bats generally come out at night and can be seen hanging upside down when they are resting. They can be found everywhere in the world, and the United states has around 48 different species of them. The wings of the bat are flexible and thinner than those that birds have. This means they can rip easily like tissue does, but they will re-grow because of the membrane.

The wings also have receptors that let the bat know when they are being touched by something. Their teeth are very sharp and narrow, which allows them to eat insects as well as other tough foods. Bats are normally brown on their body, but their wings will be seen as black. When they close their wings together, they are able to contain heat and stay warm, which helps them stay secure in all weather conditions. If you like bats, then you might want to draw one with the instructions that are listed below! These are simple, easy to follow and can help you learn how to draw your very own bat.

Possible Difficulties

If you do not have drawing experience, then you might want to practice before you get started. The bat isn’t difficult to draw, but it might be a challenge for beginners. The fur is similar to that of a cat, so try with the kitten drawing if you want some practice. Areas that might be challenging include:

  • Fur: Draw this with a sharp pencil, and tilt each piece of fur to make it look more natural and chaotic.
  • Mouth: Pay close attention to step 6. Don’t forget to draw in the nostrils on the nose. Zoom in on the sample image to see how to draw these.


  1. Sketch the contour of the bat using sharp lines.
  2. Add the right shape to the left and right wing.
  3. Add shape to the ears, draw the mouth and draw the teeth and eyes. Draw in fur in circles near the face. Use a sharp pencil and small lines to create the fur.
  4. Add lines to each ear for realism. Then, add shadows on the tops of the ears.
  5. Draw details on wings. Add skeleton bones as seen on the image, and then the tail.
  6. Add fur to the edge of the tail. Color in the mouth, and then draw in more fur on the side of the body.
  7. Add shadows.

step1 contour

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